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Gable House Nursery

Gable House is divided into rooms according to age groups. Children have access to toys and equipment appropriate for their age and stage of development which allows them to play and learn at their own pace in a safe and stimulating environment.  Each floor has bathroom / changing facilities.

Use the menu above to view the rooms for each age group.

The nursery is separated into the following rooms, with each age group on a separate floor :-

BABY STARS - For babies aged from birth to twelve months.

TINY STARS -  For toddlers aged twelve months up to 2  years.

LITTLE STARS - For children two years and over.

SUPER STARS -  Our Pre- School room. For children 3 years and over.

In addition to the above rooms, the nursery provides a soft play room. This room is fully equipped with exciting physical play toys and equipment  including a ball pool,slides, dark den, mini trampolines and large soft play building blocks.

The Pre- School room also has a large all weather under cover area accessible from the classroom, allowing free-flow access to outdoors where children can choose whether they play indoors or outdoors.

Our large outdoor playground provides a great selection of wheeled toys, bikes, balls and a fixed climbing frame with tunnel. Children have fun searching for mini beasts, watering the plants and feeding the birds.


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